Podcast – Understanding Food and Sugar Addiction, with Shawn Stevenson

I invited back one of my favorite guests (and dear friend), Shawn Stevenson. Today we’ll discuss:

  • Shawn’s amazing new book, Eat Smarter
  • The science behind cravings
  • Why you feel addicted to food
  • Why you might constantly feel hungry when you shouldn’t
  • What makes us crave sugar
  • Why we eat foods we know aren’t good for our bodies / health

But, most importantly, you’ll learn how you can take back control of your eating habits!


You’ll also find out:

  • Shawn’s backstory / credentials
  • The hardest section for Shawn to write in his new book
  • How being overweight can, ironically, protect us (or so we think)
  • Where the idea that food is love begins
  • How new technology is allowing for foods to taste like other foods
  • How Chronic Nutrient Deficiency leads to chronic overeating
  • Why the paradigms in the diet world today are so wrong / misleading
  • When the indoctrination of calorie counting began
  • Why so many believe today that our weight issues / problems are a character defect
  • How the calorie was invented and what it was originally used for
  • What causes hunger
  • What is ghrelin
  • What is leptin
  • How we can control that hangry feeling
  • An intriguing study on consuming processed food
  • How the makeup of your microbiome can inform whether or not you’re obese
  • The importance of diversity in food (and what that means)
  • How food impacts your brain
  • What is hypothalamic inflammation
  • A shocking study on improving magnesium levels
  • Shawn’s advice to parents who say their kids won’t eat healthy



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