Understanding Unbalanced and One Sided Friendships

The Chalene Show
EP. 275

This episode of The Chalene Show is all about what YOU can do about your one-sided friendships.

After releasing episode #266, How to Create Amazing friendships, I received many requests on this topic. If you think that episode may brush on something of importance to you, definitely go back and check it out.

Many of you who listened in to episode #266 questioned me… “What do you do if your relationship has become one-sided or unbalanced?”

There’s no relationship that makes us feel 50/50 or equal. I don’t think it is helpful for me to diagnose a one-sided relationship in your life, BUT I’d love to share with you some of the behaviors that make us (as human beings) feel that we our carrying more of the load.

Remember, relationships have AT LEAST 2 sides (especially in romantic relationships). With that being said, I want you to keep something in mind… before you listen, make sure you have an open heart and an open mind. It is easy to force our attention on to all that WE do without truly viewing or considering the perspectives of the other members in our relationships. Consider what your roles are, we each have our own! A lot of times, our roles are drastically different than others (because it is what we are good at)!


Questions Asked in This Episode
1. What do you do if your relationship has become one-sided or unbalanced? (0:38)
2. Have you ever been angry with someone and then you get together with another friend and tell them what happened, somewhat painting your version of the story (oftentimes leaving out some details)? (1:48)
3. Are you the person that initiates the plans? (5:00)
4. Why does it feel like WE aren’t important enough? (5:48)
5. Why do I get annoyed when people respect that something is my role? (8:48)
6. What if this other person feels that they are constantly being honest and vulnerable? 7. What if they think you like to “wear the cape”?(15:03)
8. If you put yourself in another person’s shoes, how might they frame the situation? (16:16)
9. And much more…

What You’ll Learn in This Episode
1. STEP 1 is to recognize… (1:08)
2. We are ALL better served by having an… (4:40)
3. The #1 reason why most people feel that a friendship is one-sided or unbalanced (4:50)
4. We teach people how to treat us. But how? (6:00)
5. A little throwback story (I promise it is of importance) to when I worked at AAA back in high school (6:27)
6. My husband Bret is so good at organizing… (7:05)
7. When you initiate, you get CONTROL (10:00)
8. I want you to pretend that… (10:45)
9. One thing everyone needs to do more (11:30)
10. We view our relationships from where we stand (15:32)
11. And much more…


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