Podcast – Unfulfilled Female Syndrome with Natalie Jill and Angie Lee

Today, I’ll shed some light on why the majority of us (including myself) never seem satisfied and are often plagued with the sense that nothing is ever good enough. By taking a deep dive into this topic — of what I call Unfulfilled Female Syndrome — you’ll learn where this way of thinking stems from and how to overcome it!

Bonus: I invited two of my friends — Angie Lee and Natalie Jill — to offer their thoughts and feelings on this subject, as well.


You’ll hear:

  • My recent poll on this matter which really put things into perspective
  • Where my belief that I needed to take care of people financially stemmed from (i.e., money made me feel I was of value to others)
  • What became my addiction
  • What makes me feel valuable today
  • Why Natalie Jill feels for the 1st time in her life that she is not chasing after something (and how she got there)
  • Why Natalie’s husband was ready to walk out the door of their marriage and how it changed her perspective
  • The tools that Natalie incorporated into her journey to heal
  • Why Angie Lee has a deep rooted belief that she always has to win and/or be the best
  • How Angie felt after her very successful Live event
  • The power of looking at your origin stories
  • Intentions aside, why parents will always make mistakes



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