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Today, I’m going to teach you a technique I’ve been using since I was a little girl. Whenever I’m faced with a situation where I need more confidence or inspiration, I take on an alter ego. And the alter egos will change depending on whatever the situation calls for. In this episode, you’ll learn what / who my alter egos are. The truth is… we all have the ability to tap into an alter ego that allows us to unleash an inner superhero and cultivate amazing confidence! Don’t forget to reach out to me on Social Media with who your inner superhero is!


You’ll hear…

  • The 1st time I applied this technique
  • The documentary (and its subject) I use for inspiration during my workouts
  • How therapists use the alter ego technique
  • Examples of celebrities and famous entrepreneurs who use this technique
  • My assignment that’ll help you succeed with your alter ego



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