Unsolved Childhood Mysteries | CarSmart Edition

Digging Up the Past & Getting Answers

This episode was inspired by one of my favorite entertainment podcasts – “Heavy Weight” by Gimlet Media with Host Jonathan Goldstein.

Heavy Weight episodes are real-life storytelling at its finest. The host (a self-deprecating average kind of guy with a great sense of humor) solves a mystery, not a murder mystery, but rather the type of mystery that happens to all of us; that weird thing from our past to which we never had all the answers. Or maybe an episode might focus on figuring out what it was that caused the rift in an important relationship you once had nearly 15 years ago. It’s good stuff. It makes you think.

Heavy Weight got me thinking about some of my own “mysteries”, particularly ones stemming from my childhood. Join Bret and me in the car as we each unravel one of our own early childhood mysteries. Mine involved a murder and Bret’s involved a childhood dog.

childhood mysteries

I hope you enjoyed this episode! If you have any interest of digging deeper into the murder story I explained as my childhood mystery, please do take it on and keep me in the loop. I’m hungry for more details!

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Heavy Weight episode referred to in this episode- #16 Rob

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