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I would consider my son Brock, to be an expert on how kids now-a-days use social media, specifically SnapChat.  How we as adults use social media, is SO different than how kids use social media.  I want you to consider this episode, basically like a public service announcement.

The 5 things that parents need to know about social media:

  1. The “innocent” apps even has risk and dangers.  Almost every app has a way to private message or buy items, which can get your kids in trouble.
  2. Most kids have a fake account.  In this episode Brock shares tips on how to figure out if your kids have a private, fake account.  Make sure you listen to this full episode, because my son dives into exactly HOW kids are posting.
  3. The phone isn’t the problem.  Kids will always find a way.
  4. You are the parent, so Brock talks about how you have the right to check in on your kids.
  5. Have an open line of communication between you and your kids.

These are the “cliff-notes” version of the tips covered in this episode.  Make sure you listen, to get them in FULL detail.

If you have a suspicion that your kid is doing something bad on social media, Brock tells you exactly how to handle this.  Everything from creating fake accounts to what lingo you should look for.

If you are a parent, this is a MUST listen!

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