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EP. 276

When our son Brock was very young and started playing competitive sports, my husband Bret suggested that we try to get him on teams where the kids were a year older. I found this suggestion odd. I asked, “Won’t that hurt his confidence?” My husband replied, “No. It will boost his belief in what we sees as his own potential.”

It was true. That’s exactly what happens when we play with kids who are a little bit better than we are, we uplevel!

I want you to level up. That’s what we have to do in order to push ourselves to have better skills and expect more of ourselves. To up level is to see what is possible for yourself and believe it as achievable.

When you study or surround yourself by those who are more skilled, better rehearsed, more devoted or whom have developed the habits to make things happen, you begin to see that possibility as “normal” for yourself.

Comfort is comfortable but it can also be dangerous.

You’ve got those friends who quite frankly make you feel like a rock star because you are the inspiration. But have you fulfilled your own potential? Do you need to uplevel one or more areas of your life?

The steps to upleveling include:

1. Identify one area of your life you want to Uplevel in the next 30 days.
2. Study and emulating those who are an achievable level above you.
3. Identifying people in your circle of influence who normalize a level at which you know you need to ask more of yourself.
4. Create a plan in writing with a deadline and specificity.

The 10 areas of your life you may need to improve on are…

1. Your romantic relationship
2. Your relationship with friends and family
3. Your happiness
4. Your spirituality
5. Your finances
6. Your environment (what is around you)
7. Your physical health (fitness, nutrition, sleep, etc.)
8. Your mental wellness (do you have anxiety, depression, or mood swings?)
9. Your purpose
10.Your personal growth (what are you doing to be better?)

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Questions Asked in This Episode
1. What does it mean to level up? (0:40)
2. How can you improve your game? (3:00)
3. Ask yourself what leveling up looks like. (7:12)
4. How can you take one area of your life and improve it? (7:16)
5. What are you doing to be better? (13:15)
6. Are you someone that is interested in growing? (14:12)
7. Think about the people who surround you and influence you. How does their level impact your visions/inspirations for your own potential? (16:25)
8. And much more…

What You Will Learn in This Episode
1. One of the most important steps to leveling up (1:56)
2. How to realize if your group of friends is limiting your own potential (4:00)
3. How to control the way your influence to health affects your life (6:35)
4. Sometimes leveling up to an extreme level is NOT an improvement (7:05)
5. 10 areas where you should feel the desire to level up (8:00)
6. To live with purpose means… (12:27)
7. What a higher level means (17:00)
8. Why you should create a plan in writing (24:40)
9. And much more…

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As mentioned in this episode, The Smart Life Push Journal is a great tool you can use to create a road map every 30 days to help you level up in the areas you feel you need to. If you’d like to learn more about the Smart Life Push Journal, go to SmartLifePushJournal.com

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