Podcast – How to Wean Off Soda and Junk Food | CarSmart Edition

Hey there! I promised last week to do a follow-up episode on how I detoxed off of diet soda. Well, in today’s show, I’m following through on that promise, girl! But not only will I share that step-by-step-no-more-diet-soda process… I’ll take it one step further! You’ll find out the (often secret) strategies I put in place with my family as I attempted to change their taste buds and have them, ultimately, crave less sugar!



You’ll also find…

  • How I began weaning myself off salted roasted nuts to raw and plain (and tricked my family into it, too!)
  • The step-by-step formula for how I quit my 35-year addiction to diet soda
  • Why and how our taste buds have changed as compared to our ancestors
  • How I learned to love drinking water
  • How to get your family off of (or consuming much less) sugar



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