Podcast – What Brands Need to Say about Race and Inequality

I invited 3 black business owners — Aprille Franks, Jamal Miller and Keenya Kelly — to give their thoughts on what we, as business owners and brands, should and shouldn’t be doing when it comes to supporting black people in our tribe. I’ll also share my feelings during this time of racial injustice.


You’ll find out:

  • What is white fragility and why I don’t like the term
  • My definition of courage during these times
  • The feedback I’ve been given which gave me pause
  • How my goal — in our current climate — has evolved by learning and listening
  • Why Jamal feels this isn’t the time, for business owners, to be politically correct
  • Jamal’s suggestions on how to get involved right now
  • Aprille’s thoughts on how one’s responsibility to their tribe is greater at this time
  • Aprille’s tips on what you can do — and never do — for your tribe to return love and support
  • Why Keenya feels brands can’t be silent right now
  • What Keenya believes NOT taking a stand really means



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