Podcast – What Happened to Independent Thought?

I address the fallout after the Will Smith assault on Chris Rock on the Oscar stage and how so many people feel the need to dissect and have an opinion on it. 

But this episode isn’t about Pop Culture, it’s about the radical shift happening in our society where people are expected to quickly share and publicly declare their position on pretty much everything before having the time to research, fact check or process. 

I’ll break down the concept of groupthink, how it happens, why it happens and the dangerous conditions it creates. Also, I talk about the importance of dissent, conflict and independent thinking and how I hope more people will begin to challenge this very risky trend.


You’ll find out:

  • The backstory/inspiration behind this episode
  • The cornerstone of groupthink
  • Why (it seems) the most dangerous thing you can do is dissent from popular opinion on just about anything
  • Why it’s shocking how there’s little tolerance for dissenting opinion today
  • Why dissent often leads to better things
  • How we involuntarily strengthen groupthink
  • What happens when we form an opinion
  • How cognitive dissonance is strengthened in us
  • Why I self-censor in recent years (not feeling safe sharing a dissenting opinion)
  • The only way to really earn someone’s trust
  • The power of memory and perception (and how it’s often misleading)
  • Why it’s normal to self-censor
  • The repercussions of self-censoring
  • When groupthink has taken a hold on you
  • How to safeguard ourselves from groupthink



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