Grow Your Brand on Instagram | How to Share Your Messages and Build Your List

Today’s episode is a bit different. Instead of Chalene interviewing someone about their area of expertise, this episode features Amy Porterfield interviewing Chalene about a topic she’s proven she understands: Instagram.

Chalene goes into detail about ways to engage with your audience and how to direct their attention towards the messages you want them to see. This is important for anybody with something to say – which is everybody! So, it’s time to remember that Instagram password and dust off the old profile because Chalene has some great, actionable tips that will help revitalize your brand and your energize your audience.

Tips on Growing you Brand on Instagram:
1. Business owners should make account Public
2. Focus on what your goal is and know what it is people originally followed you for
3. You can create separate accounts with individual nitches so that you can drive traffic to your website (fashion, business owners, personal trainers)
4. Make use of apps that may attract followers.  Fo example, do a video like Melissa Made, she made use of the app “pickplaypost” where she created a 15 second video with split images
5. Send or invite to click a link on your Bio so traffic goes to one source (like to your website or Facebook page etc.)
6. You can delete some promotional post, once it is no longer relevant.
8. If you create another instagram account, make sure you understand the account you are creating. Provide links that are relative like the account I have,, where people who are working out and exercising at home have a resource of info.
9. Create a feature account with content that doesn’t have to be necessarily you. In a way this will attract more followers and just make sure you put in the bio say, this page is founded by Teamjohnson and then a clickable link under the bio that goes to the website depends on what type of promotion that is relevant for the website.
10. Make use of Elance, an outsourcing company, to get someone to collect some content and manage your account for a minimum fee so you wont be spending too many hours trying to manage all of your accounts.
11. Make use of iconosquare, its free resource website that you can see statistics showing time the day you are posting and the people that follows you and the time they are online.
12. Never post without call to action.

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