What Should You Do Next With Your Life

The Chalene Show
EP. 277

A Car Smart Edition

This episode, like all other Car Smart episodes, is off the cuff. Usually, I record these episodes when I have something on my mind that I really need to get out.

So with that being said, I’m sure you are wondering WHAT is on my mind. Well, lemme tell ya.

I just listened to a bunch of SpeakPipe messages. This is a little app linked to my blog and podcast page, where you can record a message and send it to me. (Wanna try it out?
CLICK HERE). Anyways, today I got a bunch of questions asking me “What should I do with my life?” or “What should I do next?”.

I swear I had like 6 or 7 messages from people just asking me to help them find their passion or their purpose in life. With so many people simultaneously looking to me for help on this, I thought I might as well just make a podcast episode dedicated to them and help out tons of other people (maybe you? who knows…) who are lost or trying to identify their purpose in life.

There are a few things I identify in this episode that will truly help you out if you are feeling any of these emotions. Be sure to listen in for more!

I hope you enjoy this Car Smart episode, if you have any questions/thoughts hit me up on the socials OR CLICK HERE.


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