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How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

60% of adults set resolutions each year, yet only 8% actually stick to them. In this 2 part episode, I am first going to share with you about the free 21-day action plan you can use to follow through with your New Year’s resolutions. You’re gonna love it. Then, I will chat with you about what you can do if you’re ever feeling “meh” or “blah”. You know what I mean… when you’re in that groggy mood where you lack inspiration and motivation. We’ve all been there, and it’s not fun.

It’s important to remember that it’s completely okay to feel things other than extreme positivity and happiness… in fact, it’s natural and pretty much unavoidable. But I do have some strategies in place that always help me to spark my interest, initiate creativity, and lift my mood instantly. You’ll have to listen in to hear them all!


I hope this episode served you at a time in which you needed to hear it. With the New Year around the corner, there are lots to prepare for. Your mentality and mindset on how you execute your goals and find inspiration along the way is not an easy thing to go about. But hopefully, this episode will provide you with some peace of mind. No more “meh”!!

Important Links from the Show

Head to 21DayPlan.com if you’re eager to follow through with your New Year’s resolutions. Enter your email address and you will be entered into our 21-day action plan designed to help you take action on your New Year’s resolutions. All you need is an Instagram account! From January 7th to January 28th, experts will share with you tools and resources to help you achieve your resolutions. 2019 is going to be the best year yet!

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