What to Watch | February 2023

Welcome to the newest installment of my What To Watch series!
Today, I’ll share a variety of streaming shows that 1) I recently watched and 2) highly recommend. I will also explain why you may or may NOT like some of my suggestions. 

NOTE: I do my best to give all the correct info but – #ADHD please check the list below. 

What to Watch List:

  • Pamela – Netflix 
  • Narcos – Netflix 
  • Beatles: Get Back – Disney Plus
  • Made In America – Prime Video 
  • True Spirit – Netflix
  • My Unorthodox Life – Netflix 
  • The D’Amelio Show – Hulu
  • Full Swing – Netflix 
  • Stolen Youth – Hulu 
  • Low Country – HBO Max
  • Stutz – Netflix
  • Limitless – Disney Plus 



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