Part 2: What You’re Doing to Invite Hackers & What to Fix First


Our information is out there. Can we ever protect ourselves 100%? Probably not! But we can be smart about it. So today my guest, Darren Natoni, is going to help us protect ourselves and teach us how to be smart online.

Questions addressed in this podcast:

How many people in the U.S. have their information exposed each year?

Facebook, are we safe on facebook? Can your account get hacked?

If I have a scrambled password, am I safe?

Can I assume that even if I am not famous, someone would still want to hack me?

Are there places where people can buy your information?

What is a social engineer? And how to they obtain personal information about you?

What is 2-factor authentication?


I need your attention. This stuff is so important! So what I’ve heard from you over the last couple days, is where do I start?

First I you to appreciate your net worth; and this doesn’t necessarily mean financial worth. This is the net worth of your content… your livelihood… the hours you’ve invested in creating and providing your followers with your content.

The bottom line is these guys are masters of their craft. We should respect their knowledge, but we want to make it as hard for them as possible.


So here’s where to start —

#1 – Update your software! When possible enroll in automatic updates.

#2 – Get a password manager. A list of 5 possible brands is located on the last podcast episodes.

#3 – Use your password manager to create a unique encrypted password for all of your accounts.


Password managers also allow you to create passwords to protect your encrypted security question answers. This provide you with even more protection against the hackers since the answers aren’t one’s that can be bought online.

Tip – do not log in to facebook from other logins. When you are asked to use your facebook account to log into a different account, don’t do it. You can go in to facebook and see where you’ve used it to log in. Remove all of those and create a separate distinct login so that multiple accounts aren’t in jeopardy.


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