What’s Been Going on in Our Business – Part 2

This is part 2 to a 2 part series of where I’ve been for the last 6 months.  I’ve been missing from BYT because we experienced a large shift in our business.  It all started when I went live on Facebook and covered a topic that I don’t typically cover or talk about…. diet.

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So I went live, and talked about a personal challenge… something I had been struggling with.  I was experiencing some challenges with my body.  And when I say body, I mean… I felt like I had hit a weight loss plateau.  I was working out multiple hours a day, eating insanely healthy and was not liking what I was seeing in the mirror.  I felt like I was fighting my body.  I couldn’t workout any more than I was, and I honestly felt like I couldn’t cut my calories back anymore either…. Soooooooo, now what?

I went deep… deep into diet.

I needed to solve this problem.  There are thousands of people who struggle everyday with a diet not working, their body plateauing and not being able to lose weight anymore, experiencing weight loss resistance, or continuing to cut calories and not seeing any difference on the scale.

The bottom line when it comes to diet…. ONE diet doesn’t work for everyone!

Our individual make up, or genetics, is so different and it ridiculous to think that ONE diet works for everyone.

So I started researching… diving deep into diet and decided that I needed to go to my followers on Facebook.  I had this diet concept in my brain, but it needed to be tested. I was getting insane results from my small test groups, but I needed to test it on a larger group.  So I hopped on Facebook and went live to recruit.

I capped the entries to 2,500 and for the next few days, me and my team were inundated with emails, messages, videos, voicemails, of why they NEEDED to be put in this testing group. People were desperate and begging to be apart of it.

So, for the remainder of this episode I talk about:
– The anxiety I experienced throughout the process of developing this product
– The steps we took in accordance with what we teach in our other programs
– Our first decision >> we need the right people on board
– Hiring new members of our team
– How we reverse engineered the decision to move forward with producing a diet program
– Defining success for each project, and then creating a blueprint for how to create that without compromising our priority clarity statement
– Balancing other areas of your business when you take on a new project
– Putting the right people in place in your business
– How we were approached by Success Magazine to sell our Smart Success Program


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I hope that this story has inspired you to understand that even though you do have a certain niche, that YOU as a person has a lot of different interests, which means that your business will continue to change and evolve and your interest change and evolve.  Don’t feel like you have always do just ONE thing in your business.

HEY!!! In case you forget, I love hearing from you! So don’t forget to leave me a comment below 🙂 what did you think about this episode??? I hope that my experience helps you realize that you too have SO much to offer!

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