Podcast – What to Do When You Feel Distant from Your Partner

What if you feel like you and that special person in your life are drifting apart? Can you fix it, should you fix it? And what if you’re the only one who feels things are broken? Today, I share my personal experiences around this sensitive — yet all too common — subject. I’ll also provide thoughts as to why feeling distant from your partner is a real thing for so many people and strategies to help improve the situation (if not fix it altogether). 


You’ll find out:

  • Why there isn’t just one reason you feel distant from your partner
  • The reason, most of the time, someone in a relationship feels disconnected
  • Different kinds of addiction and how they may affect your relationship
  • How your socioeconomic status affects relationships
  • How/why dating apps get it wrong
  • The kinds of relationships that often succeed in the long run
  • The question you need to ask yourself if you want things to change in your intimate relationship
  • The impact kids can have on a relationship
  • The 5 Love Languages and how you need to incorporate them into your relationship
  • The benefits of making your partner feel loved and adored (and what it takes to do so)
  • The evolution in my marriage from stressful communication to happily ever after
  • Why financial stability makes emotional intimacy so much easier



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