Podcast – When You Attract Needy Broken People and What To Do About It

Did you know there’s a strong chance you might be feeling drained / frustrated / resentful because you’re attracting hurt / broken / needy people into your life? Today, I’ll help you figure out how to establish boundaries within your relationships so you don’t find yourself running on empty!



You’ll hear:

  • My childhood story of moving from the city to the country, rescuing wounded birds, and what I later learned from the experience
  • When / how I took personal responsibility for the relationships in my life
  • What kind of individuals attract needy people
  • Why we attract those who are broken
  • Why I, personally, sought very fragile people into my life
  • What concept is at play when we seek needy peeps
  • Why you’re responsible for the boundaries in your relationships
  • Why you must recognize and catch your own (negative) patterns in relationships
  • How to be effective and set boundaries as a parent, co-worker, etc.
  • The power of clear boundaries
  • Why you need to be okay with disappointing people (for the right reasons)
  • Why you should consider if someone’s disappointment in you is coming from a reasonable place
  • A personal story recounting the time when a friend asked Bret and I for a monetary favor
  • My epiphany in regard to giving money to those who asked for it
  • The question you must ask yourself if you find you’re often helping others (to the point where your energy is negatively impacted)



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