When You F Up as a Parent

The Truths of Parenting & Why You Shouldn’t Fear Sending Your Child to Therapy

How do we provide our kids with the tools they need to be prepared for life as an adult? As a parent, it can be so hard to feel like you are doing the best you can for your kids. In this raw and emotional episode, I truly speak from my heart after a joint therapy session with my daughter. I’ll share with you a snippet of what was discussed, some of my major takeaways from the session as a mom, and why it was such a powerful experience altogether. The truths of parenting mentioned in this CarSmart episode serve as a reminder to you all that we leave a lasting imprint on our children’s lives. We need to be mindful of how we parent.  

This episode was recorded in the car directly following a joint therapy session I had with my daughter at her therapist’s office. With my daughter leaving for college soon, I made the request that I join her for a session. I wanted to talk to someone who could provide me with the proper questions I needed to hear. This way I could do my best as a mom to help my daughter prepare to leave home.

I will admit, I made some mistakes when it came to preparing my son Brock before he left for his first year of college. From that, I learned a whole lot on the importance of parenting and our roles in preparing our children to feel lonely, sad, and nervous in a new environment. Listen in for some major realness. I will share with you in this episode how you can shift your mindset as a parent and accept the mistakes you’ve made in parenting. AND how you can learn from those mistakes and apply what you learn to your future parenting.


truths of parenting



What You Will Learn In This Podcast on The Truths of Parenting: 

  • Why we’ve never been afraid to talk about therapy in my house.  (4:40)
  • Why you should stop being afraid to send your kid to therapy (7:00)
  • These truths of parenting are the things that leave a scar on children into their adult years. (9:50)
  • Why sometimes you just need to own up to your wrongdoings as a parent and apologize to your kid. (13:40)
  • Why making all the decisions for your child can be incredibly damaging. (14:00)
  • The truths of parenting when it comes to body image, self-love, and confidence. What you must stop doing NOW if you don’t want your child to struggle with their weight and body image. (16:15)


I hope you enjoyed this episode on the truths of parenting… It wasn’t an easy topic to discuss. But I do love that I am able to share with you my personal experience on such an important recurring issue in society today. Remember, you have done the best you could as a parent so far. But now is the time to start trusting your child with doing their own decision making and passion/identity development. The truths of parenting aren’t always pretty and easy to digest, but accepting the truths to be important and worthy of your attention is a big first step. That’s where you can start.


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