When You Feel Left Out and Rejected

It doesn’t feel good to be rejected and the feeling of rejection is an uncomfortable and unpleasant.  So on today’s episode we’re going to talk about how to deal with rejection.

Regardless of how confident you are, we all experience moments of doubting our self worth.  When we doubt ourselves, it typically has to do with us tying our self worth to the opinion or attention of others.

Tip 1: Don’t take it personal – We tend to demonize the person(s) who left us out.  But before you jump to conclusions, think about a time when maybe you accidentally forgot to call and invite someone.

Tip 2: Include yourself or be the one creating the plans.  Why not take make plans of your own and be the one taking the initiative to include others?

Tip 3: Consider the fact that the vibes you might be giving off are telling people not to invite you.

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