Podcast – Who Cares What They Think

Why do we often care so much about what other people think? This common negative mentality has only been exacerbated by social media — giving strangers so much power over our lives. Today, I get to the root cause of this issue and provide tips on how to move past it!


You’ll find out:

  • Why we actually care what others think
  • Why it’s good, to a certain extent, we care what others think about us
  • The point at which caring what other people think stands in the way of our greatness
  • Why worrying is external
  • Why / how our self-doubt starts from childhood
  • The quickest way to get to the root cause of why you care what others think
  • How our subconscious beliefs about ourselves play into this negative thinking pattern
  • The hierarchy of people’s opinions in your life
  • Personal anecdote re: sharing certain messages on IG and the reaction I got
  • 2 book recommendations to help with this topic

Questions to ask yourself if you’re concerned about what other people think:

  • How invested is this person in my success?
  • How true is what we believe they’re going to say (how valid is their feedback / opinion)?
  • What is the motivation behind someone sharing their opinion about me?
  • What is the intent of this person’s feedback / opinion?
  • What role does this person play in my life?
  • Do I aspire to be like this person?
  • Does this person know more than me? 
  • Is their opinion of me (or feedback) meant to lift me up or make me better?



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