Podcast – Why Entrepreneurs Need Minimalism with Brock Johnson | Quick Tip Tuesday

Brock believes that there are many minimalist principles we should consider applying to our daily lives as entrepreneurs. One such example: If something isn’t bringing value or joy to your life, then you should get rid of it. Which is why, for many, reevaluating how we spend our time on social media is crucial. In this Quick Tip Tuesday, Brock explains how and why you should be applying these principles of minimalism to your business (and everyday) life.


You’ll hear:

  • What people are starting to value more than ever when scrolling social media
  • How someone who doesn’t seem like a minimalist, like Gary Vaynerchuk, actually is and why
  • What really should matter in social media (from the perspective of the influencer)
  • How we must now — when there’s more information at our disposal than ever — minimize our scope to achieve true success



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