Podcast – Why People Keep Hurting You and How to Handle It

Do you find that people often take advantage of your talents, kindness and generosity — leaving you feeling hurt, disappointed, undervalued and disrespected? If any of that rings true for you, then this episode has the potential to change your life. Today, I’ll explore why you might be attracting distrustful people into your life. I’ll help you understand the importance of recognizing (what may be) victim-like patterns, how they’re subconsciously holding you back, and what to do about it. 


You’ll find out…

  • I’ll go through a list of questions and scenarios, for you to consider, which will help clarify who you are and the people you’re attracting into your life
  • Why and how a victim mentality tricks us into believing we’re safe
  • Why we often feel like we have the right to complain
  • The difference between being a victim and staying a victim
  • The power of forgiveness — with a real-life personal anecdote that will put things into major perspective
  • When we’re most likely to have victim-like thoughts
  • What — more than all things — makes us feel better


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