Why We Compare Struggles | Your Hard Is Hard, Too

Why is it that we’re so quick to dismiss our own feelings and emotions just because we feel that someone else may have it worse? And what’s up with comparing our challenges / pain / struggles to other people’s? Today, I dive deep into this topic! And also, I invited lifers to weigh in on this discussion (via voice messages) by sharing their — all too relatable — frustrations during this upside-down time.


You’ll hear:

  • My announcement re: Marketing Impact Academy
  • Things that are currently driving me nuts at home
  • Real-life messages from listeners sharing their current struggles
  • 2 unintended observations when listening to your calls about this subject
  • What our underlying issues are all about and what we can do about them
  • What has made me more aware than anything re: my perspective and observations
  • The moments I doubt my gratefulness
  • Why I choose to know about real-life tragic stories



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