Podcast – Why You Need a Girl Gang and How to Find One | CarSmart Edition

I just returned from my annual Girls Trip! These getaways play a huge role in my health, happiness, and sanity! Now, as always, I shared the highlights on social media. This year, though, I admit as to being taken aback by the amount of comments — from female followers — lamenting that they don’t have a group of girlfriends to travel with. And so, this episode was born! In this CarSmart edition, I’ll give tips on how to form your very own girl gang! You’ll also find super fun ideas for activities y’all can do together to maximize your quality girl bonding time!


You’ll find out…

  • The importance of friendships in our lives
  • The most common objections I hear from women when I ask why the don’t have a close group of friends
  • Why the story you tell yourself matters in friendships
  • What you need to ask yourself if you don’t have close friends
  • How to start creating a girl gang
  • Why proximity in friendships shouldn’t matter
  • The message you’re sending if you’re the type of friend who’s only listening and never truly being vulnerable
  • The traits that bond me with all my girls
  • How I, as the common denominator, curated my group
  • Ways in which me and my girls keep in touch
  • Why you must be the person to start your girls group tradition



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