Why You NEED Some Alone Time

Why Spending Time Alone is So Important & 5 Ways To Get It

In this Car Smart episode, we’re talking about why alone time is important. You’ll learn why spending time alone free from distractions will help you be more creative, focused and productive at work, in your business, in school and in life. More importantly, we’ll talk about how to get quality time alone when you’ve got young kids running around, work in a busy environment, have loud roommates, or you’re a leader who has to be “on” all the time. Plus, get my top 5 tips to actually get that quiet time to focus on yourself.

I used to feel really guilty about taking time for myself, but I’ve changed my thinking after realizing that it increases my productivity 10x! And after interviewing crazy successful people for The Chalene Show and Build Your Tribe, I’ve found that alone time is a common practice for all of them. Your thinking power is your most powerful asset, and spending time with your own thoughts is the best way to boost that power!

*Side note: Your diet also directly affects your brain and as a result your ability to focus and be productive. Your gut and brain are connected, which is why gut health is so important! Hence the reason why I created the 131 Method – click here to check it out!

What You Will Learn In This Podcast About How Alone Time Makes You More Productive & Creative: 

  • The one thing the most successful people do that helps them be more creative. (1:27) 
  • How I carve out alone time during my busiest times even when every minute of my day is scheduled. (3:49)
  • Why you need alone time, especially if you feel exhausted and have to be “on” all the time. (5:33)
  • Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about taking time for you and how you can be 10 times more productive. (6:18)
  • How alone time can help you figure out who you truly are, which in turn will help you establish your own thoughts versus taking on the mentality and influence of people around you. (6:43)
  • HOW to get alone time – My Top 5 Tips. (7:45)
  • The difference between alone time and “me” time, and why one is better than the other. (10:20)
  • My special tip for getting alone time if you feel guilty about it. (10:40)

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