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IMG_1612Today’s episode is about all of the reasons that you MUST start your own online business.   It’s not just about financial security, it’s also an investment in your own happiness.  Do you have a special skill or hobby that you love working on?  What is that one passion that you could spend hours talking about?  Well, there is a market out there that wants you, but first, you’ve got to get yourself online!  In this episode I talk you though the why’s and some of the how’s of getting your future up and running.

There is a false security in a corporate, Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 job.  Sometimes we think that because we go in to work everyday at the same time, eat lunch at the same time, and have worked for the same person for 5+ years, that our job is secure.  But the reality is that it’s not.  At any point you can lose your job.  The company could decide to sell, could go out of business, could no longer need your position… you just never know!  When Bret and I sold Powder Blue productions, we were unable to disclose any of the proceedings to our employees; and the process went on for about 5 years.  So we decided to start teaching our employees how to start and pursue their own business online and on the side.  Even at Powder Blue Productions, where our employees were our family, Bret and I knew the right decision was to sell the company.  I tell you this so that you understand that your job can be taken away at any time, no matter the circumstances.

2013-06-30 Chalene 1390I want to teach you how to create a life that if you were to lose your job tomorrow, you would be okay.  Now a days, you can create an online company for a very little investment, and I’ve taken the process and broken it down into something that is manageable and doable.  Through Marketing Impact Academy, you CAN start your own online business that brings in continual passive income or becomes your purpose driven career.  Don’t be intimidated by the nuts and bolts, by all the steps you have to take… I will teach you that in this academy!  It’s all there for you broken down in an easy to follow format.  And the most amazing part of this academy, is you have it for life.  You can go at your own pace!

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Marketing Impact Academy – In this academy I am with you every step of the way teaching you to start your own online business is a way that is doable and fits your current lifestyle. To join, just CLICK HERE.

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