Podcast – Is Mega Success and Work Life Balance a Myth with Quest Co-Founder Lisa Bilyeu

Can you build a Billion dollar company and still have work-life balance? Today, I sit down with Lisa Bilyeu. Lisa is the co-founder of Quest and Impact Theory and a very successful business woman. In the beginning, Lisa sacrificed her own dreams to be a full-time housewife to support the dreams of her husband and business partner. Lisa and I discuss marriage, what it means to have work-life balance and the sacrifices Lisa made throughout her journey to get to be where she is today doing what she truly loves.


You’ll learn:

  • Tom and Lisa’s original arrangement and Lisa’s thoughts about it
  • How Lisa found pride and meaning in her life
  • The story Lisa told herself
  • How Lisa’s family has shaped who she is
  • Communication and connection in relationships
  • The birth of Quest Nutrition
  • Lisa’s transition out of being a full-time housewife
  • Lisa’s and my perspective on working with your spouse
  • Lisa’s thoughts about titles and paychecks
  • How Impact Theory was started and what it is
  • Lisa’s journey in learning to value her own story
  • Combatting comparison and freeing yourself of judgment
  • Women of Impact and what it means to Lisa
  • How to find balance when it comes to vulnerability and authenticity on social media
  • Lisa’s gut health and relationship with food
  • Our thoughts about confidence and imposter syndrome


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