Podcast – The Working Mom Advice I Wish Someone Had Given Me

Having a business or working, in general, can be super hard to navigate when you’re also a mom. Today, I share advice that I wish someone had given me when I was raising my children. Caveat: The advice you’ll hear may not be for everyone. The one thing we all hopefully can agree on, though, is that children should always be a parent’s most important priority.



You’ll also find out:

  • Why you shouldn’t feel guilt as a parent (if you’re doing all that you can)
  • Why parenting advice doesn’t apply to all situations
  • Why you need to be very selective in choosing your mentors
  • Why you should spend as much time/ money on your skills as a parent as you do your professional development
  • Why you shouldn’t use your kids as an excuse to quit your business
  • The power of putting your commitment to your kids and partner in writing
  • How to prevent your kids from feeling resentful of your work
  • Why you have to plan and structure your time (like crazy)
  • Why you shouldn’t compare yourself to other moms
  • Why you must give yourself grace as a mompreneur
  • My reminder that you only have one shot (and one shot only) to raise your kids


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