Podcast – Worried About or Lost Your Job? | Here’s What To Do!

This episode of The Chalene Show is crucial listening for anyone who’s a current employee, been laid off, or in a high risk industry. Taken from our most recent Live Webinar, Bret and I will go into startling detail of the very realistic impact this worldwide pandemic is going to have on the economy. While we don’t have a crystal ball, we’re going to address a multitude of worst-case scenarios, the likelihood of them happening and how to prepare for each. You’ll learn the power / necessity of planning over panicking and why it’s imperative to make a new financial move now.


You’ll hear…

  • What sets Bret and I apart from other Influencers who are teaching how to build
  • A shocking Show and Tell of the break down of industries
  • Why employers can’t speak candidly right now
  • What the essentials are for everyone (and how to prioritize them)
  • How to stop the bleeding
  • How to make yourself more valuable
  • Opportunities for how to make your own money
  • The people who will get in trouble the most during this current climate
  • The plan Bret and I made when we were severely in debt
  • How to look at your bills / memberships and decide which ones need adjusting
  • How some companies are exploiting the CARES Act
  • Difficult things to consider re: tightening your expenses
  • Proper messaging parents should employ with their kids
  • How to be aware of falling prey to the herd of those who are disappointed, angry, and resentful
  • My (seemingly shocking) advice to those who have been laid off
  • How to stand out right now
  • When you should quit your job — if you still have it
  • Why you are responsible for YOU and to expect the unexpected
  • Advice for those who are very serious about making money online
  • How MIA will change in this very different world
  • How this economy will create so many new entrepreneurs



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