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Warning: Today’s episode comes directly from my Instagram Live — where I answer your questions and offer advice concerning the Coronavirus crisis and economic fallout. You’ll hear a very raw, honest and candid approach as I get real with worst-case scenarios for you, your employer, family, friends, businesses, neighbors and the country during this unprecedented time in all of our lives. Make sure you’re following on Instagram (and turn your notifications on) so you never miss the chance to participate live!


You’ll find out:

  • How to cope with a family running amok while you’re participating in a Zoom for work
  • Why paying attention to history and economics is better than all eyes on social media
  • How to (and how not to) stay authentic with your audience during this time
  • Which businesses WILL make money this year
  • How many are projected in the U.S. to be unemployed due to pandemic
  • Who are our heroes right now
  • My reminder to Marketing Impact Academy students
  • What you need to be doing if you haven’t been hit by this

Questions I field during the Live:

  • Tips for convincing my parents to stop leaving the house? They have health issues, but they aren’t taking it seriously.
  • How do I figure out which bill to pay (they’re all spread before me)?
  • I’m in the grocery store business and the panic buying is very stressful.
  • How did you come up with the PUSH journal?
  • Can I launch a business now fish out of water?
  • and more!




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