Podcast – How to Write a Book with ADHD | Chandler Bolt of The Self Publishing School

Today, I share an interview I did on The Self Publishing School podcast, with host Chandler Bolt. You’ll learn how I was able to successfully (and, at times, unsuccessfully) write a book with ADHD. I’ll also provide amazing tips on getting into the right mindset/environment to finish that next big project.


You’ll also find out:

  • What inspired my first book
  • Why my first book was profitable for me (long-term)
  • Why my experience with a ghostwriter was painful
  • My struggles with writing a book
  • The silver lining I found through all the writing struggle
  • How I adapted my writing style re: ADHD
  • What I need to do to get into my creative mode
  • The role exercise plays in productivity
  • How I put my brain health above all things (during the writing process)
  • How different types of ADHD correspond to medication
  • Chandler’s experience with Adderall
  • Why I feel like it’s a blessing I wasn’t diagnosed with ADHD until later in life



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