Podcast – How to Write Copy That Sells with Wahida Lakhani

Writing sales copy — and copywriting in itself — is an art form. If done the right way, it can be very lucrative for a business. Today, I speak with Wahida Lakhani (super talented copywriter, involved in many Team Johnson and SmartLife projects). Wahida shares the secrets you need to know when writing any type of copy: from email to social media post to website. You’ll definitely want to take notes and refer back to this episode whenever you find yourself about to tackle some copy.


You’ll find out:

  • The backstory on how/why I was introduced to Wahida
  • How Wahida got into the world of copywriting
  • What happens behind the scenes of an affiliate launch
  • How formal training factors into Wahida’s gifts as a writer
  • How much of copywriting is timeless
  • How much of copywriting is formulaic
  • When you know you’ve hit gold as a copywriter
  • The difference between copy and sales copy
  • The biggest mistake people (especially entrepreneurs) make re: writing sales copy
  • An example of copy that doesn’t address an objection and, then, how Wahida would revise it
  • Wahida breaks down her process for figuring out her customer’s voice / essence
  • The 2 parts that make up your Brand Voice Architecture
  • The truest way to find your brand voice
  • Why 50% of being a great copywriter is knowing how to edit your copy
  • The formulaic method to writing a sales email
  • The questions to ask yourself when writing a sales email
  • Why there’s always the mention of the promise in a sales email sequence (and not necessarily the sale)
  • Why it’s important to think of sales copy re: social media (even when you don’t have an email list, website, etc.)



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