Podcast – This is Your Brain on Birth Control with Dr. Sarah Hill

This is an interview all women need to hear! Dr. Sarah Hill is a research psychologist who studies women, psychology, and health. Recently, she has turned her expertise to uncovering what we know and don’t know about the impact of the birth control pill on the brain. Hence, her new book: This is Your Brain on Birth Control. Get ready to listen to an eye opening interview on women’s health and the shocking lack of research involved in this field.


You’ll also learn…

  • Has Dr. Hill received pushback on her research?
  • Why Dr. Hill wrote her book
  • Some of the surprising ways birth control can influence a woman’s body and brain
  • What risk factors should we consider re: birth control
  • Does the type of hormonal contraceptive (e.g., NuvaRing, IUD, patch, etc.) make a difference in how they affect us?
  • My personal birth control story, how many years I was on it and why
  • How does birth control affect anxiety and stress response
  • The dirty little secret of research science (when it comes to men and women)
  • What to do when your daughter’s OBGYN is recommending birth control to solve other issues (e.g., skin problems, cycle irregularity, etc.)
  • Why doctors immediately prescribe a pill instead of inquiring about the patient’s diet or sleep, etc.
  • Is there an increase in the amount of infertility in women due to having been on some kind of hormonal contraception?
  • The difficulties women experience coming off of hormonal contraception
  • Dr. Hill’s experience coming off of birth control re: her brain, thoughts and feelings
  • The psychological trade-offs women don’t know their making when taking the pill
  • Other than abstinence, what additional options — aside from birth control — do women have (to avoid the risk of pregnancy)?
  • Should parents consider birth control for their teenage daughter suffering from terrible acne?



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