Podcast – Why Are You Here and Which Idea to Focus On

Today, I am going to help you clarify your thing. I am going to help you know what you should do next. Before you listen, I want you to download a questionnaire I created. This isn’t one of those random, quick quizzes you take on some website that gives you a very generic answer about the kinds of things you could do. No, this is much more personal and gives you an exact answer. Today, I will walk you through the mindset and ideology behind finding your thing or knowing the next thing you should do. The actual answer, the, “Oh, this is it!” needs to come from you, and it requires deliberately thinking about it and putting a pen to paper. Your pen becomes a magic wand and it is going to reveal to you what that thing is.

So before going any further, take a moment to download this Questionnaire. It’s really simple. There are several questions and once you’re finished listening to this podcast, I want you to fill them out. You can answer them on a separate piece of paper, but your answer will be revealed to you in your own handwriting! It’s really profound. 

To get your questionnaire go to chalene.com/mything.

You’ll find out:

  • My belief that everyone is put on this planet to serve a purpose
  • How I chose my thing and whether or not it needs to be the thing you’re most passionate about
  • How to find your thing
  • How to declare your thing
  • What can go wrong if you don’t declare your thing
  • The great things that will happen when you decide what your thing is
  • Why I’m so passionate about you filling out the questionnaire I have created to help you find that thing

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