Podcast – YouTube Shorts for Business | with, Jelisa Smith

YouTube has been around quite a while and is, in fact, the 2nd leading search engine. But what if you just don’t have the time to create long-form videos? 

Today, I welcome Jelisa Smith — YouTube marketing coach. We dive deep into all things YouTube Shorts: how they’re gaining in popularity, best practices for business owners, repurposing content and more!


You’ll find out:

  • What exactly is a YouTube Short
  • How long a YT Short can be
  • When Shorts began
  • The data right now for Shorts (is it taking off, are people using it, etc.)
  • Why it’s important to pay attention to what YouTube is doing
  • How YT figures out what content to push to you
  • My Shorts watching experience
  • Jelisa’s gripes with Shorts
  • Jelisa shows us how to navigate on Shorts
  • Is it worth using Shorts?
  • Thoughts on repurposing content for YT Shorts
  • YT channels solely dedicated to Shorts (pros and cons)
  • The easiest way to produce content for Shorts
  • Why it’s best to record/upload content native to individual platforms
  • Jelisa’s fave app for editing video
  • Posting strategies for Shorts (quantity, etc.)
  • Why/How Shorts is competing with TikTok and IG Reels
  • How to grow your YT channel using Shorts
  • The best way to create a Call To Action on Shorts
  • Can you subscribe to a YouTube channel via watching Shorts?
  • What is the Community Tab
  • Clickable links on Shorts
  • Will Shorts change the YT platform?
  • Advertising on Shorts
  • How long your Shorts content should be
  • When you should create multiple Shorts out of ONE piece of content
  • Details on creating Shorts within the YT platform (and is it recommended)
  • Why I’m excited about Shorts
  • YouTube Playlists featuring Shorts



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Learn more about Jelisa at jelisasmith.com

Youtube: youtube.com/c/JelisaSmith

Instagram: @jelisasmithcoaching

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