This Character Flaw is Killing Me | Addicted To Helping

Whether you know someone who is an over-helper or YOU are one, this episode will prove an important listen.

This topic — addicted to helping others — recently came back to the surface for me in a major way. And while I have worked on myself in regard to this issue (including therapy) and seriously improved over the years… like all flaws, it doesn’t just disappear 100% forever. It may just creep back in from time to time — which is why it’s imperative to continue to keep ourselves in check. 

Today, that’s exactly what I intend on doing as I: share recent examples from my life, varying in intensity, as to my need to help others (often at the expense of my own happiness and productivity), explain the psychology behind this bad habit, and offer a checklist that’ll help you discern whether or not you are, indeed, an over-helper.


You’ll find out:

  • I play an audio recording from last week that finds me in the middle of realizing how much this character flaw/bad habit (of over-helping) crept back into my life
  • My self-realization about the friendships I’m drawn to
  • Why wanting to have significance in others’ lives can lead to unhealthy behaviors
  • The root cause for why it is we feel the need to help others
  • What is the White Knight Syndrome
  • When your need to help others is a problem
  • Tips on how to stop over-helping




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