Aligning Goals with What’s Important

If you’re a regular around here—whether you’re catching up on my podcast episodes, following me on social media, or enrolled in my online courses—you’re well aware of my love affair with the Push Goal Method. For those already well-versed in this goal-setting gem, consider this post your quarterly refresher course. But for the uninitiated, strap in! This is the eye-opening methodology that’s about to redefine your approach to life.

Keep that pen and paper or Push Journal handy!

Assessing the Aspects of Life That Require Your Attention

First and foremost, it’s all about self-awareness. I want you to rate your satisfaction levels in 10 crucial life areas—think relationships, career, health, and so on—using a 1-10 scale. After you’ve scored yourself, pinpoint the area with the lowest score that you feel is within your control to improve. This is usually a part of your life that may not come naturally but is meaningful to you. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to set three achievable goals aimed at elevating this area over the next 90 days.

Why Simple Goals Can Be Deceptively Alluring

Moving on, let’s chat about the magnetic pull of ‘easy’ goals. You see, our tendency when setting goals is to drift toward what thrills us the most. These goals often turn out to be the low-hanging fruits that we can achieve with relatively little effort. However, this can distract us from spending time in areas that are genuinely important to our well-being. That’s why clarity on what truly matters to you is non-negotiable.

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The Challenge of Prioritizing What’s Crucial in a Distracted World

In our present-day scenario, packed with notifications, distractions, and a million things vying for our attention, keeping focus on what’s essential becomes a Herculean task. The importance of slowing down cannot be overstated here. It’s only when we slow down to intentionally set our life’s agenda that we find happiness and alignment. Otherwise, you’re just another puppet dancing to the tune of someone else’s priorities.

Align Your Goals Through Tactical Exercises

After you’ve set your initial three goals, it’s time to go bigger. I want you to brainstorm seven more goals for the forthcoming 90 days. To make things interesting and more effective, classify these goals based on what they require—be it money, time, skills, or discipline. This way, when you look at your goals in their entirety, it becomes clear what resource you’re most in need of. This vital insight helps you set your Push Goal.

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Understanding the Transformative Power of a Push Goal

So, what exactly is a Push Goal? Picture a bulldozer. This goal is the driving force that clears the path for your other objectives. It’s almost magical; focus on achieving your Push Goal, and you’ll find your other goals falling into place, as if by destiny.

Implementing a Daily Plan for Consistent Progress

There’s no skirting around this one: daily planning is paramount. Choose two or three actionable steps you can take daily to inch closer to your Push Goal. Slotting these actions into your day brings a semblance of structure to the chaos that life often is.

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I Challenge You to Make Alignment a Priority

Ready for the big challenge? Commit wholeheartedly to this process for the next 30 days. Revisit this episode of The Chalene Show, perform these exercises, grab a Push Journal if you don’t have one yet, and aim to stick to a daily plan at least 80% of the time. You’ll be amazed by the transformation that occurs when you align your goals and priorities.

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Now, go on, grab your journal and hit play. Let’s make your dreams come to life, one aligned goal at a time.

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