Podcast – This Sh*t is Hard | The Alzheimer’s Chronicles | Volume 9

Welcome to another volume of The Alzheimer’s Chronicles — where Bret and I open up and share how we’re currently coping during this season with Bret’s dad and his Alzheimer’s. Thank you to everyone for all the love and support you all have sent our way!



You’ll hear:

  • Why this past week had additional stress and difficulties (on top of caring for Bob)
  • What are sundowners
  • Why I’ve been particularly emotional re: Bob
  • How my socials don’t show the real struggle (but the podcast does)
  • How Bob treats me VS Bret
  • The comments that drive me crazy in social media
  • Why we now realize we’re not super humans
  • Why telling white lies (for Bob’s good) still tears at the heart
  • Why Bret feels so much pressure right now
  • What it means when we react in a way that doesn’t match the situation
  • Moments of joy we experienced with Bob this week


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