Podcast – Alzheimer’s Chronicles | Lifer Update

Welcome to another volume of The Alzheimer’s Chronicles / Lifer Update — where I open up and share what’s going on in the Johnson household. This episode, specifically, centers around how we’re currently coping during this season with Bret’s dad and his Alzheimer’s. Thank you to everyone for all the love and support you all have sent our way!


You’ll find out:

  • My request to anyone in my family who might be listening to the show
  • How I continue remaining as open and vulnerable as possible on my podcast
  • My thoughts on the dynamic of family members and friends (and how it can get so complicated)
  • Why this episode may be interpreted as a b*tch session
  • Bob’s current status/stage with his Alzheimer’s
  • How the phrase “are they ready for a home?” (re: Alzheimer’s patients) should really be interpreted and answered
  • Why it feels wrong, somehow, to consider how much more stress and inconvenience we can handle
  • The current dilemma Bret and I are in that, sadly, millions of people can relate to
  • How my faith saves me every day



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Books on Alzheimer’s:

Watch a video on Bob the legendary High School Football Coach

Get the Camera I use to keep an eye on Bob  

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