Anxiety and Depression with Dr. Daniel Amen

I am beyond excited to bring this interview to you with Dr. Daniel Amen. My first interview with Dr. Amen was over a year ago, and he is the reason I went in for a brain scan. His recommendation changed the course of my life.

Dr. Amen is the founder of, he’s a double board certified psychiatrist, a neuroscientist, a 10 times New York Times best selling author, a distinguished fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, and one the most popular TED Talk speakers. He’s been featured on PBS and countless national news stories. He’s also a scientist, a researcher, and a treating physician.

So lets dive into this incredible interview on how our gut health impacts anxiety and depression.

Did you know your gut has 100 trillion bugs, or I should say living organisms!? It is its own universe. And what is so fascinating is the fact that these gut organisms make neurotransmitters. They create the chemicals that help your brain feel happy or sad! They do a ton of other stuff, but that is the direct relationship between your gut and your brain.

Antibiotics have a huge impact on your gut health. The connection between food, our gut, and our brain is this… There’s no doubt that antibiotics are being used in the production of meat. They are commonly administered to animals to increase growth rate. Those antibiotics accumulate in the animals system, and then transferred to us through food.

70% of the antibiotics used in the U.S. are given to animals.

It’s a simple statement, but an important one; whatever the animals eat, you consume as well. Consumption of meat treated with antibiotics and hormones has been directly linked to anxiety and depression. So if you are suffering from either of these things, the first thing you want to do is get your brain healthy through your diet.

You do not want to miss this full episode, which you can listen to below!

Here are some other topics I covered with Dr. Daniel Amen:
– Antibiotics and their effect on your brain health.
– The supplements that can be consumed in place of antidepressants.
– The different types of brains.
– Vitamin D and it’s effects on the brain.
– Inflammation and it’s relationship to brain health.
– Dr. Amen shares his opinion on meat consumption.
– Omegas, DHA, and how fatty acids dramatically effect your brain function.

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