Podcast – Attracting Prosperity into Your Life

There are many who believe that a child who grew up in a family that struggled financially will experience similar hardships as an adult. Well, I strongly believe this theory is a myth. Of course, holding onto negative beliefs from one’s past will result in a lasting scarcity mindset — but it doesn’t have to be that way. This episode is all about changing the false beliefs that may be preventing you from having the prosperous life you deserve!


You’ll find out:

  • Why abundance is available to you in this very moment
  • How our subconscious mind is often in conflict with what we want
  • Steps to identify beliefs that don’t serve you
  • Common negative beliefs / thoughts on money (you may be thinking subconsciously)
  • How to attract more abundance in your life
  • The key to prosperity
  • Why you’re holding onto beliefs that do not serve you
  • What happens when you truly act in prosperity
  • How to make affirmations work for you
  • Affirmations on abundance



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