Podcast – Becoming Better Grownups, with Brad Montague

I welcome Brad Montague — NYT bestselling author, award-winning director, creator of ‘Kid President’. His work has garnered more than 800 million views, capturing the attention of the likes of Tom Hanks, Beyonce’ and President Obama. His latest book, Becoming Better Grownups, serves as the inspiration for today’s episode! You’ll hear us discuss how being more childlike (and not childish) can help us live as better adults, the importance of showing up for the little people, and how small moments can make the biggest impact in our lives.


You’ll find out:

  • What problem Brad feels he solves for the world
  • How much of Brad’s personality & presence is natural vs worked on
  • How much of Brad’s book was written for the purpose of being better parents
  • The advice Brad has for how grownups can be better while facing the obstacles of a pandemic
  • How Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers) inspired Brad
  • What Brad says to those who don’t want to embrace their own childhood
  • What Brad means with Be who you needed when you were younger
  • The life changing lesson Brad’s 4th grade teacher imparted on him
  • Should we be instilling in our kids a false sense of self (i.e., their talents, skills, etc.)?
  • Why Brad felt depressed when he 1st went viral
  • What Brad has learned about setting goals
  • Brad’s powerful story on how to change the power of one’s trajectory



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