Podcast – How to Overcome Self-Doubt and Believe in Yourself, with Jamie Kern Lima

Today, I talk with Jamie Kern Lima — founder of IT Cosmetics. We’ll discuss Jamie’s journey, including: years of rejection, self-doubt and financial hardship, the skin condition which proved the impetus for creating her own makeup line and overcoming incredible odds to, eventually, sell her makeup brand for over 1 billion dollars!


You’ll find out:

  • How I discovered Jamie
  • What set Jamie apart when she debuted her makeup on QVC
  • Why Jamie started IT cosmetics
  • How Jamie took her angry emotions (back in the day) and turned them into inspiration
  • Jamie’s backstory
  • The commonality those share who are successful on QVC
  • Where Jamie’s marketing prowess comes from
  • How to go deeper on your WHY so you don’t lose motivation
  • Jamie offers her thoughts on the sacrifices she has made to achieve extraordinary success
  • Different levels of Imposter Syndrome that Jamie experienced throughout her career
  • How much pressure Jamie feels / felt to live up to her image (with her community / fans / audience)
  • The power in sharing your insecurities and flaws
  • What took the biggest toll in her marriage (as business partners, too)
  • How Jamie and her husband repaired their relationship
  • The truth behind Jamie’s work addiction
  • The ways Jamie hopes to empower women
  • Jamie’s #1 suggestion for not taking rejection / criticism personally



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Learn about Jamie: www.JamieKernLima.com

Get Jamie’s book: https://www.believeit.com

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