Podcast – Boundaries | Are Yours Too Rigid or Non Existent?

While having boundaries in life is certainly a good and healthy thing, there are times when it can become problematic. Today, I break down this topic, sharing: the 3 types of boundaries, how boundaries affect different kinds of relationships (from kids to partners to in-laws), when boundaries become rigid/unhealthy/inconsistent, how to establish healthy boundaries, and more!


You’ll find out:

  • The impetus for why I wanted to do this episode
  • What is a boundary
  • Examples of boundaries re: different relationships (e.g., with kids, friends, romantic partners, in-laws, etc.).
  • What are overly rigid boundaries that, in the long run, will hurt you
  • Why a boundary is a fence and not a brick wall
  • Why people with no boundaries tend to have no real identity
  • What healthy boundaries look like (with lots of examples)
  • How consistency plays a role in setting up boundaries
  • How to communicate a boundary (the right way / the wrong way)



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