Podcast – 8 Figure Earnings | Breaking Down Our 7 Streams of Income

Today is the 500th episode of Build Your Tribe! I invite Bret to join me as we discuss how to make your life easier by creating multiple streams of income. Specifically, we’ll share our own 7 streams of income!


You’ll find out:

  • How stable can you really be with 1 stream of income?
  • A break down of our 7 streams of income
  • Why our investment portfolio might be our most significant source of income right now
  • Why we have separate investment companies that we keep private
  • How Bret and I became 8-figure earners
  • Why you have to always give each stream of income some love
  • When Bret created our investment portfolio
  • The book Bret found so enlightening re: money
  • My assessment of Bret digging deep into our finances
  • One of Bret’s favorite quotes re: investment
  • How much time Bret spends a day on our investment portfolio
  • The most we’ve ever lost in one week from our investment portfolio
  • Why sometimes the most disciplined thing you can do is realize when something isn’t going to work



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