Podcast – Breath Work for Anxiety and Body Image with Samantha Skelly

All of us could use healthy coping tools to best handle stress, anxiety and negative thoughts — especially these days. Which is why I reached out to my friend, Samantha Skelly. She suffered for years from a distorted body image, emotional eating and over-exercising. But, by using her own very unique approach to breath work, she healed and overcame her struggles! Today, Samantha will share the details of her practice (including, an actual session). Whether you’re an experienced yogi or question the touchy-feely-ness of Mind-body therapy, you’re sure to find this episode an important resource for transforming your life.


You’ll hear:

  • Why we must continue to question our intentions behind anything we do
  • How we stop ourselves — in the moment — to really be self-aware
  • The fine line between taking care of your health and needing to look a certain way
  • What body acceptance means for Samantha
  • What it means to blame your body for something that has nothing to do with your body
  • Why certain events in life bring up unresolved issues
  • How to help those who might be addicted to struggling
  • What it means to trust your body
  • What it means (and if it’s possible) to trust a higher power
  • The definition of Samantha’s saying, destination addiction
  • The difference between breath work for relaxation and breath work for transformation
  • Samantha’s amazing guided practice



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