Podcast – How to Build Your Brand with Influencers, with Adi Arezzini

Today’s episode is basically a free $10k business consultation! I welcome returning guest, Adi Arezzini (co-founder of Teami Blends), back onto the show. Adi is one of the leading authorities in how to successfully use Influencers to market your products — the right way. You’ll learn, step by step, her exact process on how to do this! Get ready to take some notes because this episode is going to help you more than you know!


You’ll find out:

  • Why I think Adi’s message is golden
  • Adi’s background story
  • The mentality you need to build your brand (which Adi used to build her product from the ground up)
  • What Adi terms as “bots” and “affiliate marketing” in social media (that doesn’t work)
  • Why an Ambassador & Influencer can mean the same thing
  • What is an Affiliate Relationship
  • Why you have to find Influencers who have a direct impact on their followers buying decisions
  • How to get over the fear of reaching out to Influencers
  • How to find the right Influencer who aligns with your values
  • How many followers do micro Influencers have
  • Why micro Influencers are often more trusted than bigger Influencers
  • How to best reach out to micro Influencers
  • How important it is to customize your first reach-out to a micro Influencer
  • What Adi calls an Origin Account
  • How to personalize your template for reaching out to Influencers
  • Do you need to be following Influencers before reaching out to them?
  • How to create affiliate codes / links
  • Why Influencers don’t owe you anything
  • Why / how it’s your responsibility to follow up with Influencers re: your product
  • How to handle Influencers not doing anything with the product(s) you send them
  • Adi’s experience with Influencers whose sales fluctuate and why
  • Adi’s recommendation for how many micro Influencers to test your product with
  • What motivates Influencers to work with you
  • Why you need to repeat (and repeat!) working with Influencers



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