Podcast – Cancellations, Being Late, Michael Jackson, Medical Checkups and More

Friday episodes have quickly become a fan favorite and this week should be no exception! I spill the tea on everything going on in my life.

*TRIGGER WARNING! I talk cancellations! As in, why canceled plans bring me joy, the reason I have no issues with people being late, and why lies play a role in my being early to appointments! I’ll also give a review of the Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson ONE Las Vegas show (I just saw with Dr. Mcayla) and why it had me feeling conflicted. Plus, I’ll fill you in on my latest medical checkups, my super uncomfortable mammogram and so much more! 


You’ll find out:

  • Why I love having nothing on the schedule
  • Why getting canceled on might relate to snow days as a child
  • How my assistant tricks me re: time
  • Why being late is a topic that really divides people
  • Update on Dr. Mcayla’s health
  • My internal conflict re: seeing the Michael Jackson show, his alleged victims and updates on the case
  • How I was able to score top-notch results at my medical checkup
  • How/why I’m more consistent with my health (supplements, etc.)
  • The old friend I bumped into in Vegas and our story



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