Tried Everything and I Can’t Lose Weight | with, Dr. Mary Claire Haver

Perimenopause, Menopause, Postmenopause — no matter what stage you’re in,  there’s so much conflicting information when it comes to the changes in hormones, weight gain, hair and skin. This proves quite frustrating when searching for answers on how to take control of your health. 

Today’s guest, Dr. Mary Claire Haver, is a board-certified OB-GYN physician and certified in culinary medicine. In other words, medical nutrition. Dr Haven is also the creator of The Galveston Diet. Her work is science-based, her passion is the science of menopause, the science of aging, inflammation and nutrition.

Dr. Haven and I dig deep on what’s not taught to physicians (in school or residency) on the subject of menopause. 

This episode is crucially important for any woman looking to make informed decisions when it comes to health and aging.


You’ll find out:

  • How Dr. Haver became so adept in the education of all things menopause
  • When Dr. Haver started to realize she, herself, was having menopausal symptoms
  • Why it’s a guarantee women’s body composition will change through menopause (and the details around it)
  • Why cortisol levels may be high
  • When/why to see an endocrinologist
  • Thoughts on the Keto diet
  • 4 nutrients Dr. Haver recommends to track
  • How/why women will lose muscle
  • Metabolism and weight loss
  • Our mutual love for Dr. Kelly Casperson
  • Why so many experts give conflicting advice on hormone replacement therapy
  • How to measure your body to discern good health


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